Welcome to the 1st International Conference on “Integrated Protection of Date Palms”

About IPDP Study Group

IOBC-WPRS Study Group "Integrated Protection of Date Palms," (Established in 2016)

Aims of working group

The aim of this study group is to promote the research, development, implementation, and training in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems, including biological control in date palm orchards and packing houses. The group will also collect, evaluate, and disseminate information to promote national and international public awareness of the economic, ecological and social importance of new developments in date palm protection.


  • Organize a conference every two years.
  • Stimulate cooperation between scientists, regulatory authorities, and industry.
  • Exchange ideas and expertise among group members, and encourage international collaboration.
  • Identify factors challenging and limiting the implementation of integrated pest management programs of date palms at different levels of research, development, consultation, and technology transfer.
  • Develop and implement IPM strategies in the date palm orchards and the packing houses.
  • Develop research activities and propose collaborative research projects in dates producing countries.


Ten scientists from 6 countries of the WPRS geographic areas have been invited to join in the launching of the study group.

  1. Dr. AbdulAziz Mohamed (Entomologist) – Bahrain.
  2. Dr. Salim Al Khatri (Entomologist) – Oman.
  3. Prof. Abdulrhaman Aldawood (Entomologist) – Saudi Arabia.
  4. Dr. Khalid A Alhudaib (Plant Pathologist) – Saudi Arabia.
  5. Prof. Abdulaziz M Alajlan (Entomologist) – Saudi Arabia.
  6. Dr. Naimah A. Al-Anazi (Entomologist) – Saudi Arabia.
  7. Dr. Khalid A. Asiry (Entomologist) – Saudi Arabia.
  8. Dr. Adel abdel Sabour Rezk (Microbiologist) – Egypt.
  9. Dr. Mohamad Jamal Alhjjar (Pesticides) – Syria.
  10. Prof. Mohamed Besri (Plant Pathologist) – Morocco.